Monday, November 9, 2009

Truck | Isuzu Dmax Truck

If Isuzu Dmaxthere’s one word that can sum up the entire history of Isuzu vehicles in the Philippines, it’s “indestructible”. Isuzu automotive products, particularly their diesel engines are legendary for their durability, reliability, and all around toughness.

Another Isuzu product that has attained legendary status is, of course, the Isuzu Dmax pickup truck. The Dmax is the embodiment of a Pinoy working man: tough, reliable, thrifty on fuel, strong as a Carabao, and can go anywhere to get the job done. And, of course, looking pretty good while at it.

truckJuly 2007 saw the Isuzu Dmax truck finally making a definite move against its contemporaries, with the introduction of a new 3.0 liter I-TEQ intercooled turbo common rail diesel engine. This engine, found in the LS and LX variants, is identical to the one powering the upscale Alterra SUV, and produces 144hp and 294Nm of torque at a very real world range of 1,400-3,400rpm. The budget variant LT gets the 2.5 liter direct-injection diesel that makes 81hp and 177Nm.

But, how does it drive? Isuzu lent us a Dmax 4x2 LS with manual transmission, and the first thing I noticed was, it’s tall. Even with the 16” wheels, the wheel well gap is huge. It’s a bit of a chore getting into the truck, but it’s worth the trouble because the driver is rewarded with a very well laid-our cockpit. Everything necessary is within easy reach, and the Optitron-style gauges are quite readable and pleasant to the eyes. The pioneer CD receiver is iPod and USB MP3 ready.

The Isuzu Dmax pulls so powerfully that a heavy right food will pin your body to the back of the seat. Power is on tap from sub-1000rpm, but the D-max truly comes alive at around 1,800rpm.

Now, with the 4x2 LS powered by the 3.0 liter common-rail engine, it looks like the best just got even better.

Isuzu Dmax Truck
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kobkob said...

indeed, it is a great pickup truck. i have a 2008 4x4 isuzu dmax boondock.

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