Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trueno AE86 | AE86 car | car

Trueno AE86
Trueno AE86, how much would you spend to get your hands on a Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86? one of the legendary cars of Toyota it is a classic drift car suited for rally and drifting motorsports because of its Rear wheel drive limited slip differential configuration, light weight, great stability, a 5-speed manual gearbox, ventilated disc brakes, MacPherson strut style independent suspension in front and a four-link live axle with coil springs for the rear, stabilizer bars (sway bars) at both ends, and a relatively powerful and easy to tune 4-cylinder engine. This car is still popular to street racers of Japan because of its features. This info I got from the internet.Trueno AE86
Made popular here in the Philippines by the anime Initial D Fujiwara Takumi's car now here's the question how much would you pay to own and drive Takumi's car in reality modifying the car from stock to Fujiwara's Tofu shop car?? making it your toy car how would you like that?
I was just wondering.. why is this car so hard to find here in the Philippines is it because no one likes it or is it because it is nowhere to find here, I mean facing the truth the car is old, looks crappy but somehow its sort of cool to imagine making it as my toy car and Trueno AE86modifying it making it look like Takumi's car, inserting myself in the anime Initial D and being Takumi here in the real world somehow is fun right? I was offered this car by my friend (GrandAuto), because of its performance and popularity (still in demand in Japan) the price of this AE86 car is still high ranging almost equal to the same rank as second hand BMW cars , so you see that gave me thinking back and fort should I buy it? that get me to thinking of getting opinions, How much would you pay to get a car a AE86 car?
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