Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Skydeck Concept | Honda Skydeck Concept

OneSupercars of the latest concept car that was shown in the 2009 Tokyo auto show, the Honda Skydeck Concept, what is this? this is a futuristic minivan that could've been included as one of the cars in The Demolition man's future world, the design and the material looks like the future but as futuristic as it may seem minivansHonda Skydeck Concept will never be a chickmagnet material and with this Honda Skydeck Concept we can say that they've tried their best and they did get a token of attractiveness but not the type chicks would dig anyhow....

Honda Skydeck Concept is a 6 seater hybrid minivan that could give the current Odyssey a turn off, with its clean stylish design and an unusual scissor style front doors what we know as a Lambo door, while still retaining the sliding side door of a minivan only this door is able to swing away and down from the car which helps larger passengers to enter this vehicle with ease, the face of this vehicle features a prominent grille flanked by horizontal headlamps, while inside the car, Honda Skydeck Concept gives you a clean spacious future environment feeling, with a thin back open designed seats that are arranged in 3 rows and to make it more like a spacious limo the second row is able to stack beneath the front buckets giving the vehicle a limo style seating.

This Car is still a pure concept, information about the performance and power is still unavailable but we'll keep you posted, until then enjoy viewing.

Honda Skydeck Concept Supercars
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