Sunday, September 26, 2010

Supercars | Ferrari 599 Supercars

Ferrari'sSupercars 599 model has been the thing for them for quite sometime being this popular, the long awaited roadster trim has been announced to be released, in which they would call it the Ferrari 599 SA Aperta, Honoring Pininfarina for their history in helping Ferrari design their most beautiful supercars, Ferrari uses the "SA" badge for Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina, while the Aperta means open in Italian which best describes this open roof roadster.

TheFerrari 599 Full specs of this Ferrari 599 SA Aptera is still unknown, but they would probably carry over their standard 599 V12 engine, we expect this car to be lighter without a roof so then it would probably produce a horsepower of at least 661bhp, there is a temporary soft roof top resorted only if the weather gets bad, the SA Aptera also features a lower ride with 2 roll bars integrated inot the rear deck to provide protection in the untimely event of a rollover

Ferrari 599 SA Aptera is a limited edition and only 80 units will be sold around the world, so we expect a lot of collectors out there will be wanting this unit, that is collectors with a lot of cash because this supercar will cost more than €400,000 the most expensive Ferrari so far, Ferrari 599 SA Aptera will be introduced formally at the 2010 Paris motor show on 30 September.

Supercars Ferrari 599 Roadster
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Supercars | BMW X6 Supercars

HereSupercars is the look of one of the fastest or probably the fastest SUV in the market today, the BMW X6 Typhoon RS the name said it all, this is a modification made by the G-Power tuning company, the standard BMW X6 is already a remarkable SUV in terms of power but with it being tuned by the G-Power it enables the X6 reach a power far beyond a normal SUV could, this car is very rare limited edition only 5 units will be made and it would probably be one of the collector's car in the near future.

TheBMW X6 BMW X6 Typhoon RS Ultimate is powered by a 5.0 liter V10 engine which adds a Formula 1 performance over the standard twin turbo engine that we all know the X6 has, the G-Power tunings boost the engine to a 900 horsepower and enables this SUV to blast a top speed of more than 330km/h and it accelerates from a standpoint to 100 km/h in only 4.2 seconds as it will reach the 200km/h in just 13 seconds, an impressive number for an SUV, the goal for this BMW X6 Typhoon RS tuning project was to be the world's fastest SUV and from the looks of it, they've already achieved it.
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Supercars | Audi A7 Supercars

NowadaysAudi A7 4 door coupe is the rising trend, because it lets people have the feeling of a sports car in a sedan suitable for family use and sporty night life and just like Mercedes CLS, Audi has it also in this Audi A7 and just like the BMW 5 series GT and Porsche Panamera they chose to have an opening hatch rather than just a saloon boot. Compared to their current A6 the A7 is 42mm longer and 56mm wider that is attached to a 71mm wheelbase which gives a much needed legroom for rear passengers although there will be a lesser headroom but the luggage space would larger even larger than what Porsche Panamera has to offer.

Audi A7Supercars will offer 4 levels of engines. A pair of 3.0 TDIs that can produce a 201bhp and 242bhp which their target market would be for business users, while those looking for more of the A7 will be offered with a supercharged 300bhp V6 TFSI. the last and the least to be marketed is the 201bhp petrol-powered 2.8 FSi V6, that comes only in an expensive Quattro form and doesn’t have much of a performance to brag about.

Audi A7 offers a couple of options to choose from, either being a diesel or a petrol powered unit and from being a front- or Quattro four-wheel drive type. FWD gets a CVT auto, while Quattros get the 7 speed S-tronic dual clutch transmission. No manual transmission is offered.

Audi A7's interior is superb we meant not only the design but also the features are fantastic, A7 actually prevents you from changing lanes if it senses someone in the blindspot, it also has the auto park feature, it would also apply full brakes if it senses an impending rear-ender, and it flags up people wandering in your path on a head-up display and controls the headlight pattern to beam up the crossroads as you cross, it's totally amazing.

Our advise is you should totally check this Audi A7 up when it arrives in January 2011, it will be along side with the stylish 2nd gen. Mercedes CLS which you should also see.

Audi A7 Supercars
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Supercars | Mercedes CLS Supercars

ThereSupercars are a lot of cars to check out on the 2010 Paris motorshow, for those luxury car lovers there's the new Mercedes CLS that you might love, though it already looks quite familiar cause of the Concept car previewed on the 2010 Beijing motor show so I bet there ain't going to be any surprises when it comes to the design of this car, but even so, we must admit the design of this New Mercedes CLS is very elegant and a definite eye catcher.

Mercedes CLSThe 4 door coupe strikes pretty well in the market these days and to have competitors such as Volkswagen which introduces the Passat CC, Audi A7 Sportback, and BMW has its CS Coupé we think this new Mercedes CLS is the perfect answer for Mercedes to stay on top of the list and be the best among the rest.

The improvements made to the new Mercedes CLS is making its exterior look a bit more complex than the current CLS, with the front featuring a more prominent grille with a wide lower air intake. and the full-LED headlights, which is a first for a Mercedes cars, while on the rear view it looks very much like the Concept and inside this car is inspired by elegant beauty and the detailed handcrafted perfection which really brings out the luxury of this car.

Supercars Mercedes CLS
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Supercars | Vauxhall GTC Supercars

ConceptSupercars cars usually has 2 destinies, it s either they would be an imaginary car, or it would be the base for the true unit and this is what the Vauxhall GTC concept car would be like. In 2011 the former Astra would be replace by the GTC tag and this 3 door is what the 2011 Astra would be no more Sport Hatch tag.

VauxhallVauxhall GTC GTC said that what you see in this concept is what you get meaning the 21-inch wheels, the chunky sills and bumpers, and the LED, aside from those bling blings the powerplant of this GTC would be remarkable, as it will be equip with a direct injection turbocharged 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine mounted in the 6 speed manual transmission enables this car to push a 290 horsepower out, other features include the stop/tech, an electronic limited slip differential and the updated version of the Vauxhall FlexRide adaptive damping system. With the Vauxhall's technology known as the HiPerStrut Front suspension allowing them to put all the power in the front this Vauxhall GTC would most probably be a FWD.

This concept would be at the Paris motor show this September 30, 2010 one thing great about concept cars is that they always look better than real thing and it makes you wonder why they don't just release the concept unit.

Supercars Vauxhall GTC
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Supercars | Mazda Shinari Supercars

Lately Mazda ShinariI've noticed that Mazda pours a little bit too much showing off their new designs but not really releasing those cars to the market and that really stinks especially when the design looks as good as this Mazda Shinari Concept car, this Shinari is probably one of their best designs ever made and it is the made by their new design leader Iuoko Maeda, so what is this car?

Mazda SupercarsShinari is a 4 door coupe, the new design includes some changes with the grill of the car though is still has the resemblance of Mazda grills but they made it look a lot tougher, plus the lines and shades of their metal make it look even better, but can we own this Shinari? I surely hope so.

But it is most certain that this Mazda Shinari would only be a concept car and the only good news is that they might apply this designs in their upcoming models like the Mazda 3's and 6.

Mazda Shinari will make its debut at the 2011 Geneva Autoshow.

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