Thursday, December 18, 2008

Eternity Perfume | Calvin Klein Eternity Perfume

One of the perfume in the 80's that I still like, Calvin Eternity PerfumeKlein's Eternity Perfume launch in 1989 it has a refreshing luxury scent combining spicey lavender and amber making it a classy fragrant scent Eternity Perfume is recommended for daytime wear, but for me I recommend it be used anytime even in night times like dates because Eternity Perfume has a classy masculine scent that creates great vibe towards your partner and she'll definitely love it, this Eternity Perfume is great because it has a strong scent that could last for a long time compare to other Eau de toilettes that is. because of those features I still consider this Eternity Perfume for men the number 1 perfume of Calvin Klein until now, nothing they made lately could beat this one.
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