Monday, August 23, 2010

Supercars | Audi A9 Supercars

ThisAudi A9 is what we call a beautiful dream, that is what Audi plans for their new model the Audi A9, it is still a concept car and judging from the technology we have today and what they plan for this car it's definitely gonna take a while before this project finalizes and be release in the market.

Audi A9 will be at the top of their model, even higher than their A8, it will be a first class luxury sports car, Supercarsand it will be good enough to knock down even the toughest competitors such as the Lamborghini Estoque and Porsche Panamera. The sleek design of Audi A9 is inspired by the magnificent structural design of Santiago Calatrava’s architecture in The City of Arts and Sciences located in Valencia, combined with a futuristic sci-fi design.

What's exciting about the Audi A9 nano technology they planned to use and will be implemented at the cars exterior such as the windshield which would be fully integrated into the roof with this technology this car would be able to adjust from a clear view to opaque or it would be able to repair its damages and also be able to change its color with just one touch of a button just imagine how spectacular it would be for you not to worry about the dents and scratches on your car it would be just like photo editing your car in reality.

The power of Audi A9 would come from a fusion between a electric powered motors located in each of the four wheels of the car. That's all we know as of now but it is most certainly impressive.
Supercars Audi A9
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