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Supercars | Car Stall Common Case

TheCar Stall common causes for a car to stall, it is very important to know these causes for it will happen to us eventually, there are a lot of factors that could cause a car to stall, but the good news is those factors aren't that serious and can be fix by just adjusting or replacing minor parts of the car.

Of course older modeled vehicle is a lot easier to fix, sometimes you won't even need to bring it to an expert to fix it, on the other hand newer models that are computer controlled are out of the beginners league with this kind of car at stake we'd advice you to take it to a shop to fix it.
Otherwise here are the common causes for a car to stall:

NoSupercars gas being ignited in the cylinders, this commonly happen when you run out of gas or it might be because you are lacking electrical charge (you might want to check your alternator and battery)

The timing of your distributor, you might need to adjust the timing of your distributor if you car idles roughly and stall, it could also be a Bad fuel injector, if your car is fuel injected, this means that the injector might not be working, electrical failure might also be considered the problem or it could be the idle control motor that controls the air mixture.

You might also want to consider changing the wires and plugs of the distributor sometimes wires lose contacts overtime, this could also be part of you car maintenance even if it didn't solve the stalling problem this procedure can help your car perform better.

Fuel Filter Clogged, you might need to change your fuel filter there's nothing to worry about when this occurs fuel filters are cheap and easy to replace almost any service gas station could help you with this you can even do this yourself as long as you know where your filter is located. (Common signs that lets you know that your filter is clogged is if your engines performance change when you drive on steep roads up and down)

Car Stall could also happen when the Idle speed adjustment is too high only happens to carburetor vehicle, common signs that shows this problem is when you turn off the key and your car still runs for a few seconds.

Air ventilation blockage in your tank, also only happens to carburetor vehicle, it might be because you've replace your gas cap with a cheap replacement cap that blocks air from ventilating in the tank, you could fix this temporarily by drilling a small hole in the cap to allow air to enter through the drilled hole. (Tip: when your car stall and you know your gas cap isn't original you can try opening it and when you hear a air whoosh sound then this might be the problem why your car stalled, while the cap is still open try starting your car again a few times and it might start)

As far as a fuel injected car is concerned you should keep an eye on a few parts that normal maintenance forgot to mention aside from changing oil, spark plugs and filters it's also important to replace a new Oxygen sensors at 100k miles and the mass air flow sensor should be check or cleaned once in a while these will prevent your car to stall and it will also boost your vehicles performance and fuel economy, another thing you should keep an eye out is the idle air control valve it might also cause your car to stall when it is stuck up overtime so you'll need to grease it up with WD40 in that case.

Always remember fixing a car is a dangerous task so make sure that your engine is turned off when you attempt to fix anything and make sure you wear a protective gear like gloves and protective eyewear, because you wouldn't want any bloody accidents to happen.

Supercars Car Stall
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