Saturday, September 4, 2010

Supercars | Mazda Shinari Supercars

Lately Mazda ShinariI've noticed that Mazda pours a little bit too much showing off their new designs but not really releasing those cars to the market and that really stinks especially when the design looks as good as this Mazda Shinari Concept car, this Shinari is probably one of their best designs ever made and it is the made by their new design leader Iuoko Maeda, so what is this car?

Mazda SupercarsShinari is a 4 door coupe, the new design includes some changes with the grill of the car though is still has the resemblance of Mazda grills but they made it look a lot tougher, plus the lines and shades of their metal make it look even better, but can we own this Shinari? I surely hope so.

But it is most certain that this Mazda Shinari would only be a concept car and the only good news is that they might apply this designs in their upcoming models like the Mazda 3's and 6.

Mazda Shinari will make its debut at the 2011 Geneva Autoshow.

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