Sunday, January 10, 2010

Supercars | Lamborghini Jota Supercars

Lamborghini JotaAs I previousy stated on my last article supercars have evolved and jump to a higher more powerful level and the first step of Lamborghini will be the Lamborghini Jota, which won't be as powerful as the Urus but without this car there won't be any Urus, for Urus is the modified version of Jota, and without the base there won't be any modified version.

Lamborghini Jotasupercars will be powered by either 6.0 liter or 6.5 Liter V12 engine that will produce no less than 700 horsepower in all wheel and combined with a new lighter frame which is known as the aluminum space frame which was also used by Corvette, and the body will be made by the combination of aluminum and carbon fiber which will reduce the weight of Lamborghini Jota drastically, the Jota would also be wider than the Mucielago, combining this methods Lamborghini would be able to produce a far more powerful car than they've ever produce in the past this car would be way faster, better handling skills, in other words Jota is at the level where all the future supercars will be ranked.

Lamborghini Jota more likely be produced in 2011.
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