Friday, February 11, 2011

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Well so whaporsche boxstert's new? nothing much just another Porsche Boxster Black Edition on the loose, so what is so interesting in this new black edition obviously power is the main addition and some standard facelifts making it look more like a limited edition Boxster and because of this prices tend to increase.

Sosupercars let's start off with the equipped engine, Porsche Boxster Black Edition's platform still remains a mid engine, it is a flat six 3.4 liter Spyder spec engine letting off a 316bhp @ 7200rpm, 10bhp better than the previous Spyder Spec, and a 273lb ft @ 4750rpm of torque, with the standard 6 speed manual transmission this Black Edition trims down the acceleration of 0 to 62mph to 5.2 seconds while enabling the consumption remain the same.

On the facelifts the name Porsche Boxster Black edition saids it all, don't expect the interior to be white or anywhere to be because everything is black in this edition including the leight weight 19 inch alloy wheels, the roll bars, air intakes, exhaust pipes, the fabric hood, the compartment and well even the Boxster S emblem is black

If you plan to separate yourself from a normal boxster you are going to need £47,426 because that's where the Black edition will start at and this car will hit the UK road on March 2011.
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