Sunday, June 14, 2009

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TheAudi A1 new luxury compact car has a new challenger in the line up that challenges BMW 's 1 series and its MINI Cooper, introducing to you the Audi A1 which makes a big impact on last years auto show in Paris, this 4 door hatchback is the continuation of the discontinued A2, in which this car will be possessing the same size as the A3 but will be cheaper, one of the components on their cost reduction strategy is by equipping this Audi A1 with a steel body rather than using aluminum, and another is using of Volkswagen Golf IV 's platform a semi rigid rear axle which is much cheaper than the multi link and that could cost the price of this car to drop drastically.

Audi A1 comes with either a front wheel drive (FWD), or a All wheel drive (AWD) drive type with 6 speed transmission and would be powered by a hybrid 4 cylinder 1.4 turbocharged engine that is joined with a 20kw electric motor that can run independently up to 62 mph before its gasoline engine kicks in to recharge the battery when it drops to 20%, and don't under estimate Audi A1 's electric engine because it could run 0 to 62mph in 7.8 seconds, with this design Audi predicts this car could likely achieve an EPA of 60 mpg which would be one of the raw models of green friendly car.

A source leaked saids this Audi A1 will have 4 types of engine, one with a 1.2 liter petrol engine which has a 86 horsepower, and with 2 types of 1.4 liter engine without turbocharge which produces a 122 bhp and the other that is turbocharged will produce a 170 bhp and the lastly the New 1.6 liter diesel common rail injection engine with 90 bhp.
Audi A1 car will be in the market on March 2010, and will likely cost around $16,000 - $20,000.
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