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OLED TV | Sony Oled | Samsung Oled


OLED is a new display technology - an organic LED that emits light when current is applied. OLED display will be brighter, more power efficient, thinner, and will have better refresh rates and contrast.Oled tv

In december 2007 Sony started to sell the first OLED TV, the XEL-1 (11") at a high price and in limited quantities. Production cost are still high (Although theoretically OLED TV may become cheaper than LCD).

The primary benefit of OLED displays over traditional LCD is that OLED TV do not require a backlight to function, because of that it will consume less power during operation. OLED displays are expected to be more efficiently manufactured than LCD displays and plasma displays.

The technology of making ultra-thin displays using organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) is starting to bear fruit finally with Sony, Samsung SDI and other

It might take a few years until OLED TV become competitive with LCD displays or Plasma displays.oled tv

This new technology helps companies using industrial LCD displays like the malls and department stores and those advertising their products using industrial LCD displays or any other LCD display modules, they can all use the new OLED TV which is an energy efficient display and thinner compare to a flat panel TV. All the advantages and no disadvantage so far.

This light emitting diodes can produce white light, it may also replace the bulb lights that we use today, the advantage? Oled produces white light with low power consumption and thin design, especially nowadays energy prices is going up, we can expect a fast development on this technology, we'll be seeing some commercials on this products maybe around 2011.

Sony OLED TVoled tvoled tv

The 11- and 27-inch OLED TV are about 3mm and less than 10mm thin, respectively, according to a company press release. The 27-inch model features a full high-definition (HD) panel while the 11-inch TV is designed with a wide-SVGA panel.
The resolution of the 27-inch OLED TV is 1920x1080, the contast ratio is greater than 1,000,000:1, brightness : all white 200cd/m2, peak greater than 600cd/m2. Colors - 10 bit RGB.
11" - The resolution is 1024x600oled tvoled tvoled tv

Samsung OLED TV

Samsung Electronics previewed a 31 inch and a 14.1 inch Organic light emitting diode OLED TV, Samsung's 14.1" OLED TV will cost around $1800 this OLED TV will be a High Definition 120hz.

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