Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Supercars | Mclaren MP4-12C Supercars

mclaren mp4-12cA lot of automakers are pre- launching their new supercars and one of them is the Mclaren, they scheduled to produce its new supercar this year (2010) known to be the Mclaren MP4-12C which they plan to compete with the Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini Gallardo.

Mclaren MP4-12C 's looks are inspired by their Italian competitors and the legendary F1 wedge shape combined, and light weight is the key to all the automakers that's why supercarsMclaren composed this cars structure using carbon fiber and its body with the combination of aluminum, carbon fiber and SMC plastics to achieve what they call the right weight , Mclaren known to produce extremely powerful car and with this new model they make sure that the drivers won't be disappointed.

Mclaren MP4-12C will be powered by a 3.8 liter mid mounted V8 twin turbo engine that produces a 600 horsepower and 443 lb ft of torque with the twin turbocharged M838T motor transmitted by a 7 speed dual clutch transmission the redline of this supercar is 8500 rpm but you won't need to rev up to that level to outrun everyone unless of course you have a worthy rival beside you.

Mclaren MP4-12C has installed its newly designed gearbox which is very intriguing it is known as the SSG (Seamless Shift Gearbox) in which the system allows the driver to half press one of the paddles to preselect the next gear either an upshift or a downshift which will improve the shift time.

1000 units of Mclaren MP4-12C will be built in the first year of production with a price around $250,000 and we would probably see it hit the road this spring.
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