Friday, November 7, 2008

Creed Perfume | Fragrance Creed Perfume

Have you ever wondered what kind of perfume celebrities Creed Perfumeuse? do you know about Creed Perfume? it's one of the top class perfume in the world and Creed Perfume was actually manufactured long before our perfumes today, It was the perfumes used by kings and queens of the past, Creed Perfume Eau de Parfum is what celebrities use today, that is why they smell so good, Creed Perfume the Eau de Parfum has a stronger scent that lasts much longer than Eau de Toilletes. The only thing that keeps me from getting one of these is the price, Creed Perfume is expensive, but it has what it takes to be expensive well at least that's the good of it.
Here are my opinions about some of Creed Perfumes scent.

Creed Perfume Eau de Parfum for Men
Bois du Portugal - has a scent of a warm masculine mix with an exotic wood and spice scent.
Erolfa - this Creed Perfume has an oceanic type of scent inspired be the freshness of sea.
Green Irish Tweed - has an elegant charming scent more on the floral side of scent, this is Creed Perfumes best seller.
Green Valley - has a fresh green mint scent of a french countryside in summer
Himalaya - this Creed Perfume has a fresh and spicy warm woody scent and has a great bottle
Mill├ęsime Imperial - has a exotic wood scent with a touch of a of Creed Perfumes fresh marine scent
Neroli Sauvage - is more on a fruity citrus scent.
Original Santal - has a heavy scent more like a formal type of scent. This Creed Perfume is best used in a formal occasion.
Original Vetiver - has a combination scent of a fresh green and a woody aroma scent.
Royal Delight - best use in sporty occasion, has Creed Perfume citrus scent
Royal Water - has a natural scent combined with citrus and aromatic herb scent
Silver Mountain Water - this Creed Perfume has a fresh mountain air scent.
Tabarome - has a mix scent of herbs citrus and tobacco scent.
Virgin Island Water - this Creed Perfume has a scent of fresh Caribbean air

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