Thursday, February 18, 2010

Supercars | New Ferrari Supercars

RumorsNew Ferrari have been spreading on the new Ferrari 612 Scaglietti to be in the market on 2012, its feels so sudden to release a new Ferrari 612 but the present models already been standing for 5 years so its just on time, sources say that this new Ferrari would look a bit more futuristic edgier look and the concept of this car is to be more green friendly.

supercarsLets line up the details of what we know so far, this new Ferrari 612 would have a longer wheelbase, extended front end, stacked exhaust pipes and bonnet bulge from the details we can say that its impossible for the design to be just a facelift but it would rather be an all new design.

As for the brand new design the powertrain would also be a brand new technology since their aiming for a greener effect this new Ferrari 612 would feature a new V12 powerplant that would emit 40% lesser carbon dioxide than the current version which would make a lot of sense on Ferrari's goal fuel consumption would be about 19 mpg or more it also might feature an insertable 4x4 system which is still uncertain, though this new Ferrari 612 might not improve its 533 previous horsepower, but if that's not already enough for you then I would call you crazy.

The pictures shown is just a test unit so we don't consider it as the real deal.

We expect this new Ferrari 612 to make its first appearance in late 2011 and probably hit the market in 2012.
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