Thursday, May 27, 2010

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WeCosworth Impreza are already impressed with the power Subaru Impreza has given to us, and now they've happen to make it even better with the tunes and tweaks made on this STI, they were able to create an even more powerful machine, the Cosworth Impreza STI CS400, not much of a change in the design but the power is something to watchout for, this is a limited edition model that has been tuned by a famous F1 tuner.

Sosupercars how powerful is this Cosworth Impreza STI CS400? the name already speaks for itself, by upgrading the 2.5 liter flat four equipping it with a new pistons, plus a new set of turbo with a unique exhaust system and ECU Cosworth Impreza boost a 395 horsepower equivalent to 400PS compared to a standard STI with only 296bhp, with this design they were also able to increase 100lb ft. in the standard STI's torque resulting a 400lb ft of torque for this new STI that is one of the key factors in enabling this machine hit from a standpoint to 62mph in 3.7 seconds compared to the standard 5.2 seconds though the top speed is limited to 155mph only.

With this new power equipped in this Cosworth Impreza STI, they've also made some upgrades on its equipments to handle this new power such as the suspesion which was specifically designed and made by both Bilstein and Eibach for Cosworth specification, the new short shift kit also the chassis, new clutch and brakes was equipped to fully proportion the power of Cosworth.

As we all know Cosworth Impreza STI is a limited edition upgrade and they will only produce 75 units of this model, each unit will cost £49,995, and will be on the market this June 2010.

Supercars Cosworth Impreza
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