Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Supercars | Scion tC Supercars

AnnouncedScion tC lately by Toyota Motors that there will be a newly released version of Scion which will be known as Scion tC Series 5.0 it will be a limited production of 2000 units and it will be designed with the TRD theme and it will be displayed at the Chicago Auto Show on Febuary 11 to 22.

Scion tC Series 5.0 obviously is the 5th model for the tC limited edition, this model is premodified coupe which upgrades not only the designs unlike the older models this modification made in this Scion tC Series 5.0 also upgrades its performance, Standard upgrades made to the tC Release Series 5.0 include 18-inch TRD wheels, TRD lowering springs, a TRD rear sway bar, a TRD stainless steel sport muffler, a numbers of Series badge, and also a few TRD badges in the cabin.
Scion tC won't be considered a fast car, but why is this car so interesting you ask? because it is a cheap economical car that is one of the ideal working car to have, Scion tC has a 2.4 liter FWD that produces a 161 horsepower sort of unimpressive power for a 2.4 liter however since the designed chassis is well suited for the engine, the power produced would make you feel powerful enough.

Scion tC MSRP of $2,300 on top of the basic price of the manual tC which is $17,000. A tC with an auto transmission will come with an MSRP of $17,800.
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