Monday, September 1, 2008

HP Mini Laptop | HP 2133 Notebook Laptop

HP mini laptop
This HP 2133 mini notebook computers is a wireless laptop computers I can say is the unit that suites me although this notebook computers not the most powerful thing compare to other laptop computers like the MSI Wind I mentioned in my other article, base on my web research, its processor speed can mark up to 1.6GHz Via C7 option, 1024 MB RAM, has 2 kinds of batteries 3 cell for ultralight weight and the 6 cell for extended battery life with an 802.11b/g WLAN, a HDD of 120GB, and one of its main features that attracts me the most is this small laptop computers has a 8.9" size 120 x 768 resolution weighs 1200g, preinstalled Windows Vista Basic or Business or
Linux and this notebook computers also has a scratch resistant screen.
HP mini laptop.
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