Sunday, November 22, 2009

Porsche Boxster Sale

ThePorsche Boxster Porsche Boxster for sale, is a 1997 Porsche Boxstersale 986 42,000km mileage, 5 speed Sports Manual transmition very well maintained this car's condition is class A. This Porsche Boxster performs like no other used car out there, this car's condition is next to brand new so don't compare this car to other used Porsche Boxster out there, because those cars out there might be cheaper in price but those unit have plenty of problems and maintenance's need to be done, and if you're not lucky you wouldn't even be able to locate and fix it, but with this unit, it is a guarantee problem free car I can guarantee those who want to buy a Porsche Boxster out there this unit is the one that can make you smile.
Here are the Porsche Boxster Specs.

Porsche Boxster Engine:
Horizontally opposed 6 cylinder, DOHC 4valves per cylinder, all aluminum, water cooled Bore and stroke: 85.5mm x 72.0mm Displacement: 2.5L. or 2,480cc Horsepower: 201@6,000 rpm Torque: 181 lb-ft @4,500 rpm Compression ratio: 11.0:1 Cd: .31 (top up) Fuel system: DME controlled FI Induction: 2-stage resonant induction, w/Varioram
Porsche Boxster wheels base 94.5"

0-60mph: 6.7 seconds
Top Speed: 240 kmph (149 mph)

Fuel Economy:
City/Highway/: 19/26

Contact: or call 09189296332.
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