Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Car | BMW GINA New Car

Anew car futuristic car that has the weirdest and most stunning features made by BMW, this new car is known by the name BMW GINA which stands for "Geometry and Functions In 'N' Adaptions", it has a great design and great unique features, such as the shape changing feature which is one of the main features that really caught my attention on this new car BMW GINA.
Unlike normal cars which consist of elements like front apron, bonnet, side panels, doors, wheel arches, roof, trunk lid and rear deck BMW GINA replace this with a new structure components which is a Special fabric that is supported by a metal wire frame made specially for its shape changing purposes, this metal frames used in this new car are a high strength metal that is enhanced by carbon fiber struts that has a high flexibility rate, this Metal Wire Frame design was properly optimize for safety crash protections, so there should be no issues on BMW GINA's vulnerability.
The shape changing feature of BMW GINA uses an electro hydraulic control to move its substructures, using this the driver could change the shape of the outer skin to satisfy his own taste.
Imagine that its just like us, bones being wrapped by skins and the same concept has been used for this futuristic new car, very unique and intriguing indeed, but as for now BMW GINA is still a research model and still has no certain date of release nor will it ever be, so we'll have to Jack up our jaws as of now because this new car was made by BMW only to preview their new ideas.
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