Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Supercars | Mercedes 63 AMG Supercars

Themercedes 63 amg new Mercedes 63 AMG CLS is getting closer to being launch, it is expected to be out on 2011, as you can see they've release even more clearer pictures of this car, this only proves that they are already finalizing the design of this car.

The 63 AMG badge stays even though it would be equipped with a smaller size engine, rather than having the natural aspirated 6.2 liter engine, this Mercedes 63 AMG CLS will have a twin turbocharged V8 5.5 liter engine, and just because it is equipped with a smaller engine, it doesn't mean it would be weaker, the automaker advices buyers to rest assure for this new engine is not something anyone would take lightly of.

Sosupercars how powerful is this engine? the standard 5461 cc engine can produce a powerful 544 horsepower with 590lb ft of torque, and by upgrading this to the AMG performance pack the power increases to a 563bhp and 663lb ft of torque, which would be transmitted to a 7 speed transmission. Driving at low speed, a smaller turbo will be activated to ensure its quick response, while the larger one engages at high speed.

Since the mechanics of the CLS class are base on the E class, it is obvious that the ride of this new Mercedes 63 AMG CLS would have a first class comfort and performance, and because there are complains on the simplistic interior design on the previous E class, we expect this new CLS to get its improvement, and by down sizing its engine the new CLS should be able achieve a better fuel efficiency and emission compared to the S Class AMG.

Mercedes 63 AMG Supercars
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