Monday, November 17, 2008

Dell Laptops | Mini 9 Dell Laptops

As we know if you are a computer company like Dell Laptops you can't afford to be leftDell Laptops out in the trend, well the inexpensive netbooks are one of the hot trends of today, that is why Dell laptops introduces this Inspiron Mini 9, to join the challenge on the war of the netbooks.
Dell laptops Inspiron Mini 9 is actually similar to what we know about netbooks which is not as powerful as the normal Dell Laptops but has the feature of portability, this Dell Laptops netbook has the thickness of 1.25 inches which is considered to be one of the thinness in the netbooks also they improved their battery life which makes this a point greater than other netbooks its battery life can lasts more than 3.5 hours, and one more thing Dell Laptops edge over other netbooks is Dell laptops has this customization option for the user, you could either reduce the specs or increase it so you can pick which is the best that suites your taste for example you can lower the resolution of the integrated web cam so you can lower the cost or you can add a mobile broadband antenna, so all in all Dell laptops makes you the boss choose the specs you need in a netbook, of course prices vary from which customization you choose.

Dell Laptops Inspiron Mini 9 Specs

Price: Starting $349
RAM: 512 MB
Storage: 4GB SSD
Dell laptops Screen Size: 8.9 inch LED
OS: Ubuntu Linux version 8.04.1
Dell laptops Processor: Intel ATOM N27

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