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Mercedes Benz Car Quotes, Benz are known for being a high class luxury cars but unlikeCar Quotes any other brand, Benz cars doesn't let you pay a high price just for its name, they give you the quality, comfort, power and safety features that is worth the price you pay for, it's definitely a car that can make you smile.

Benz Price Car Quotes

Mercedes Benz B ClassCar Quotes
B Class is only 4.27 meters long, despite the short measurement the B Class Actually offers spacious accommodation and much more, it has a powerful engine, advance handling systems, sure to have a great performance and because this is a Benz made car it is guaranteed to have a superb comfort and design. Here are the models and Car quotes.

B 150 CST -------------------------- Php 1,980,000
95 horsepower

B 170 CST Sport -------------------- Php 2,250,000
115 horsepower

Mercedes Benz C Class
This model is actually the model that fits all, its not too big, not too small either it's a medium size car, but with its design and performance this can definitely be counted as one of the top cars in other words you can't underestimate this model. Benz C Class has the Standard fitted Aglity Control with selective dampling, plus optional Advance Agility with special sports mode and has a range of uprated engines to choose from. Here are the Car Quotes of this model.

C 180 K Classic --------------------- Php 2,580,000
156 horsepower

C 200 K Elegance ------------------- Php 2,880,000

C 200 K Avantgarde ---------------- Php 2,980,000

C 280 Avantgarde ------------------ Php 3,980,000

C 350 Avantgarde-AMG Sports ----- Php 4,480,000

C 63 AMG -------------------------- Php 6,980,000

Mercedes Benz E Class
E as in Elegance this model is known for its comfort and have the highest degree of safety, it has powerful engines, high quality interiors that makes a long journey relaxing and safe,Benz E class safety feature includes Neck Pro crash responsive head restraints, the intelligent light system, adaptive brake lights and PRE-SAFE. Here are the Car Quotes for this model.

E 200 K Classic Saloon -------------- Php 3,980,000

E 200 K Sports Saloon -------------- Php 4,280,000

E 280 Elegance Saloon -------------- Php 4,880,000

E 280 Avantgarde Saloon ----------- Php 5,180,000

E 280 Avantgarde Sports Saloon ---- Php 5,280,000

E 280 Avantgarde AMG ------------- Php 5,580,000

Mercedes Benz S Class
Benz S Class is actually known as the highest luxury model for the Mercedes Benz Cars, so far it has never stop improving its driving safety, technology, performance and comfort, Now with PRO-SAFE, it adds new all embracing dimension with innovations such as a Night View Assist, Distronic Plus adaptive cruise control, and PRE-SAFE that can prevent accidents before the risk arises. Here are the Car Quotes for this model.

S 350 Long -------------------------- Php 7,800,000

S 500 Long Premiere ---------------- Php 10,500,000

SLK Class
SLK Class, is Mercedes Benz Roadster, whether you open up or close the top, the looks of this remarkable car is great, it is sporty yet it is also elegant, this car is not only for looks, but it also has a powerful engine and good performance suitable for sports driving, best for personal use. Here is the Car Quotes for this model.

SLK 200 ----------------------------- Php 4,300,000

CLK Class
Mercedes Benz Coupe CLK is Elegant and stylish in every detail this model is a good example of what Benz wants "True Beauty is timeless" it has superb performance in every way, a powerful engine a sporty steering and a shifting courtesy of Direct Control Technology. Here is the Car Quotes for this model.

CLK 350 Coupe Avantgarde AMG ---- Php 5,950,000

CLS Class
With four doors and more spacious design CLS gives a classic saloon with the perfect blend of sportiness in it, which is underpinned advance technology, Featuring a range of smooth and powerful engines and 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission. Here is the Car Quotes for this model.

CLS 350 Coupe ----------------------- Php 6,500,000

Mercedes Benz M Class
M Class is made for either driving in a beaten road or a smooth straight road, it lets you travel comfortably in any kind of terrain, as usual it has great interior design and has precision technology, with a standard 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission, experience pure pleasure even if there's no road at all. Here is the Car Quotes for this model.

ML350 Sport ------------------------- Php 5,500,000

Mercedes Benz R Class
R Class is Mercedes Benz station wagon model it has seats that fold flat individually, a big and accommodating rear doors, and an 8 way power driver's seat, it fits your busy lifestyle either at home or at work. Here is the Car Quotes for this model.

R 350 GST Long Sport ---------------- Php 5,950,000

Mercedes Benz Sprinter
Looking for a partner that satisfies the highest standards? The new Sprinter is the answer. It offers you a great many options and is equipped to handle the most demanding problems. Here is the Car Quotes for this Model.

Sprinter 311 CDI ---------------------- Php 3,250,000
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