Friday, October 15, 2010

Supercars | 918 Spyder Supercars

UpdatesSupercars on the Porsche supercar known as the 918 Spyder Hybrid is right on track and will be released in the expected time on 2013 which is formally declared by Porsche President Matthias Muller. We've been impressed with the features and numbers shown on concept of the 918 Spyder Hybrid, and since they're still hooked up in their work on the concept until the end of 2010, they've announced to show all the facts, figures and prices of the real thing in early 2011 and it will be on sale on 2013.

Let's918 Spyder take a look back at the sneak peek of this concept car, the 918 Spyder Hybrid carries on what the Carrera GT left off, it will be equipped with 3 electric motors backing up its V8 petrol engine, this car can be as silent as the night (on EV mode), and could run enormously fast even faster than its predecessor the Carrera GT, not only faster but also much efficient with the numbers 90mpg and environment friendly number of 70g/km of CO2 when drove gently. 918 Spyder could be the first supercar to be driven with the earth smiling, Let's just hope that the real thing in 2013 sticks up to those numbers.

sources suggest that the 918 Spyder is probably going to cost around €650,000.

Supercars 918 Spyder
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