Monday, August 25, 2008

USA Basketball team wins gold

USA Basketball Team beat Spain in a hard fought battle with a 118 - 107 victory in Sunday , it was a close game and a great game, even if the Spaniards didn't got the lead back after the USA Basketball team taken it, it was still a close fight the Spain stayed in the game all the way the Americans haven't had any chance to shake them off until the end.USA Spain Basketball gold

Lebron James and Kobe Bryant got an early foul trouble in the opening quarter sending them to the bench, the USA basketball team clearly in trouble losing both their offensive weapons, but Dwayne Wade and Chris Paul came to the rescue they came out and played and took the lead back to the USA basketball team, but the Spain Basketball Team didn't back down they come back strong and kept the Americans uneasy at some point in the final quarter I'd thought the USA basketball team's going to lose because Spain's defUSA Spain Basketball goldense was great, they play half court defense and not allowing the Americans to make a fast break (which was their bread and butter in offense in this whole series) and they also shoot the ball well, but luckily the reigning NBA MVP Kobe Bryant found his stroke in the final period and help his basketball team finish the crucial period, scoring 13 of his 20 points and dishing out two of his six assists in the fourth.
USA Spain Basketball gold
Bryant had the biggest play of the game: a four-point play on a three from the left wing, drawing Fernandez fifth and final foul and putting the lead at nine again. Dwayne Wade scored 27 points, Bryant added 20 and Lebron James 14 for the USA Basketball team.
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