Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Florsheim Shoes | Florsheim Chosen

My Story on Florsheim ShoesFlorsheim
Before I met this Florsheim shoes, I have actually been looking for a shoe that looks great with the formal suites that I wear, usually leather shoes specially formal suite type of shoes isn't comfortable when you wear it, its hard, makes you hard to move, hard to walk, or even slippery it makes you wish you could wear a pair of sneakers with your suite, I've always had that feeling. But then I saw this great Florsheim Shoes The Tipper.

The Florsheim Tipper has great design it's actually a simple designed shoes but looks classy this Florsheim Shoes has a wing tip brogue dress shoe which features a leather upper, sheepskin linings, not only the design that's great about this Florsheim shoes but also the comfort, the Bio Comfort Sock Liner, and a durable leather sole. The Florsheim Bio Comfort Sock Liner System is Bio-mechanically designed to be breathable, moisture-wicking, and provide excellent shock absorption. Which makes your Florsheim shoes comfortable to wear even in long walks you'll feel like wearing a sneakers inside and a spectacular formal design outside.

One of the great thing about this Florsheim shoes is its price it isn't as high as other designer shoes it cost only $110.
I can say this Florsheim is the best shoes for me, and it is my Must Haves.
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