Monday, October 12, 2009

Flood | Car Tips

Helloflood Chick magnets, as you may notice my post has been stopped for quite some time, and the reason behind this was because we experienced some calamity damages (flood) a lot of our assets were destroyed and I just gained my internet back today, our government was to blame for this damages done for mismanaging our Dam, which they've release a massive amount of water during a typhoon which flooded and destroyed a lot of peoples lives all around the country and they claim it a natural disaster which I must say is absurdcar tips they should've blame it to themselves for neglecting their duties and mismanaging the dam, anyway because of incident a lot of my cars were damaged and I learned an important lesson, on how not to let this happen to my cars again if ever I face another tragic incident like this in which I want to share it with people all around the world on Car Tips How to save your car when Flood Comes, actually there are only 3 simple steps to do, and when you managed to accomplish this steps your car is saved even when its flooded (unless of course it is dragged by water, in that case then there's no ways in saving it).

The First Flood Car Tips is Turn Off your engine, or else your engine would burst and a lot of parts of your engine would break and you'll need to spend a lot of money to repair it or even worse replacing the whole engine.

The Second Flood Car Tips is Unplug the car battery never leave it on in a case of Flood, because if the water reaches the electronic parts while your battery is plugged, it will short a lot of electronic equipments of your car like your radio the clock and one of the most important part of a car which is the computer box, believe me you don't want to have a short circuit on this thing for it controls everything.

The Third Car Tips is Release the Hand Brake if you don't want your car to be stuck.

If you've successfully comply to these 3 simple steps then your car is saved even if it is flooded, all you need to do after the flood is change engine oils and filters, drain your gas tank and fill it up, dry the computer boxes and other electronic equipments before plugging in the battery, and a complete interior detailing is surely needed, drain and clean headlights and tail lights, give a car wash then your car is good to go.
Flood Car Tips
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