Saturday, October 30, 2010

Supercars | TranStar Dagger Supercars

SoSupercars much for Bugatti Veyron being the fastest car in the world, well wait til you hear this, come 2011 there is going to be a supercar known as the TranStar Dagger GT that will surely take over the crown, it will be a car loved by a lot of hardcore auto enthusiast for being the sharpest, the fastest and one of the finest head turning design a car could ever have. We just can't wait to blast the max speed of this dagger.

Here'sTranStar Dagger the Intriguing part, TranStar Dagger GT is based on a mid engine Corvette Cheetah and will be equipped with a 9.4 liter GM V8 twin turbocharged multi fuel racing engine that produces an enormous 2000 horsepower and a 2000 lb ft. of torque combined with a 6 speed transaxle geared transmission that gets a top speed of 308 mph and enables it to accelerate from 0 to 60mph in less than 1.5 seconds and runs up to a quarter mile(200mph) in less than 6.7 seconds you'd want to brace yourself, now ain't that amazing hands down on any car that could beat that.

The carbon fiber bodyworks of TranStar Dagger GT will be constructed none the less by the aerospace industry.level of trims are offered such as the GT- S a street legal comfortable riding sports model and the GT-X which is a soft ride luxury model that makes you feel like riding a million dollar car. The Base price cost around $450,000. Only 5 units will be produced in 2011.

Supercars TranStar Dagger GT
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