Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mercedes | R8 Killer Mercedes

I'veR8 Killer heard some rumors that Mercedes was planning to make a new supercar that can rival against the Audi R8 so I've been keeping an eye on this for quite some time and they claim it to be the R8 killer.

A lot of people keep saying that in order for Mercedes to create a R8 Killer they're going to need Mclaren by their side, but in my opinion Mercedes can do this alone, they've been working with Mclaren for a long time, therefore as a car maker they should already posses Mclaren's technique and not only that, Mercedes Benz is an excellent top class Automaker as a user I've driven Italian supercars and German cars and I must say Mercedes is one of the best when it comes to comfort, quality and performance (Top Speed not included in the judgement) way better than Italian supercars the only thing they lack is the design, don't get me wrong their cars have excellent design but they're more likely luxury type or you could say Cars for the Old Guys, and in order for them to create an R8 Killer they should be thinking of redesigning making a more hot rod young looking car, but in terms of performance I believe Mercedes won't lose.

We are still uncertain what's up their sleeves right now but the picture might be the R8 Killer.
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