Monday, August 16, 2010

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HowChange Tire to Change Tire is one of the things all car owner must know as simple as it may sound it can become complicated if not well educated, some risk are also involved if mistakes are made so please do be careful when changing your tires if you haven't had enough knowledge on this then follow the step by step I'm going to give you on how to change tire safely.

SupercarsFirst off, the things you need to Change Tire, A Jack to lift the car some even uses an Axle stand but for me a Jack is enough to do the job, next you'll need a Wheel Brace this is a tool that helps you unscrew the tires, it is advisable to always have these tools in your car and usually car manufacturers provide this things which fits exactly to your car.

1) After you gathered those things next thing you should do is to make sure your car is parked in a flat surface never perform a Change Tire on an uneven surface for your own safety.

2) Next find the Jack point of the car, if you are using a Jack that came with the car there usually has an indent or a cutout where the head of the Jack would fit it usually is located behind the front tire and in front of the rear tires, but if your Jack was bought outside then you should find a strong spot of the car please see the picture illustrated on where a Jack must be positioned.

3) Now after you managed to pin point the Jack spot the nest thing to do is to place a rock or something that will stop the car from moving place it behind the rear tire if you were changing the front tires and vice versa.

4) Next is to loosen the screws of the tire using the wheel brace, remember just LOOSEN not unscrew.

5) After that is to lift your car with the jack at the pin point location we set earlier, while you lift the car slowly make sure the car isn't wiggling while you jack is up if it did then you should put it back down because it only means that you've placed the Jack in an unstable position you must relocate the Jack point if this happens (Make sure to tighten the screws first before you go under your car).

6) Okay now after successfully lifting the car, next thing is to unscrew the tire all the way then replace it with your replacement put the tire you remove next to the jack which serves as a backup just in case the jack somehow fails.

7) Next is to screw the replacement tire, try to tighten the screw until the wheel rotates.

8) Now remove the tire you placed next to the jack and lower your car.

9) Tighten up the screws until fully tight.

10) Remove all the tools use in the process.

These are common steps to change tire of a commonly designed car, but there are cars like Mercedes Benz who has a jack specially made for the vehicle, which they also made a easy jacking position located in the skirts. in this case every steps are the same except you won't need to pin point the jacking position.

Change Tire Supercars
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