Sunday, May 2, 2010

Supercars | Toyota FT86 Supercars

TheToyota FT86 joint venture of Toyota and Subaru brings us joy, for it enables them to produce a highly anticipated car, known as the Toyota FT86(Japanese pronounced this as "hachi roku"), the name FT86("Future Toyota 86") already speaks for itself, there is no doubt in our mind that this new race car made by Toyota was inspired by their legend drift car known as the Toyota Trueno AE86, Supercarsthis will not only bring AE86 fans on their feet but with their design MR2, Supra and Celica Supercars lover will surely tag along with it.

It is obvious to see that the design for this Toyota FT86 isn't final yet but those are the closest probability on what this race car would look like, the details on this car is still not final, but sources say that this FT86 would be powered by a 2.0 liter boxer engine that can produce 200 horsepower and will be of course a rear wheel drive, with just 164 inches in lenght, Toyota has yet to reveal its exact weight, but they say that this 2 door Toyota FT86 will have a light body and low center of gravity that will have an amazing performance "racecar like handling".

Base on our economy we expect the automaker to produce a range of models from low performance budget models to high performance models of this Toyota FT86, we expect to see this car in production this 2011.

Toyota FT86 Supercars
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