Friday, September 17, 2010

Supercars | Audi A7 Supercars

NowadaysAudi A7 4 door coupe is the rising trend, because it lets people have the feeling of a sports car in a sedan suitable for family use and sporty night life and just like Mercedes CLS, Audi has it also in this Audi A7 and just like the BMW 5 series GT and Porsche Panamera they chose to have an opening hatch rather than just a saloon boot. Compared to their current A6 the A7 is 42mm longer and 56mm wider that is attached to a 71mm wheelbase which gives a much needed legroom for rear passengers although there will be a lesser headroom but the luggage space would larger even larger than what Porsche Panamera has to offer.

Audi A7Supercars will offer 4 levels of engines. A pair of 3.0 TDIs that can produce a 201bhp and 242bhp which their target market would be for business users, while those looking for more of the A7 will be offered with a supercharged 300bhp V6 TFSI. the last and the least to be marketed is the 201bhp petrol-powered 2.8 FSi V6, that comes only in an expensive Quattro form and doesn’t have much of a performance to brag about.

Audi A7 offers a couple of options to choose from, either being a diesel or a petrol powered unit and from being a front- or Quattro four-wheel drive type. FWD gets a CVT auto, while Quattros get the 7 speed S-tronic dual clutch transmission. No manual transmission is offered.

Audi A7's interior is superb we meant not only the design but also the features are fantastic, A7 actually prevents you from changing lanes if it senses someone in the blindspot, it also has the auto park feature, it would also apply full brakes if it senses an impending rear-ender, and it flags up people wandering in your path on a head-up display and controls the headlight pattern to beam up the crossroads as you cross, it's totally amazing.

Our advise is you should totally check this Audi A7 up when it arrives in January 2011, it will be along side with the stylish 2nd gen. Mercedes CLS which you should also see.

Audi A7 Supercars
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