Thursday, July 1, 2010

Supercars | Hurst Camaro Supercars

Hursthurst camaro Perfor -mance Vehicles is known for making high perfor -mance collectible muscle cars, and no other muscle car out there has a better potential to be a collector's car than the Camaro, introducing the 2010 Hurst Camaro Series 5, a supercharged performance model made to have even greater horsepower than it has before.

The 2010 Hurst Camaro Series 5 upgrades its engine performance, interior and exterior, the exterior beauty is not just for eye pleasing site but it also helps this vehicle in terms of performance, this includes the rear deck spoiler and wide wheels for better stabilization other exterior including the paint job and graphic upgrades are made to make this model known to be a collector's car.

Wesupercars haven't had all the details of the Hurst Camaro's true power yet but here are the specs of its equipped engine the 2010 Hurst Camaro Series 5 will be a front engine rear wheel drive with a 6.2 liter supercharged V8 engine thanks to the Hurst/Magnuson Supercharger and the Magnaflow polished exhaust system this vehicle was able to produce an enormous 575 horsepower and it will be paired with a 6 speed manual Hurst Competition/ shifter transmission. Results of its performance is still unknown but we will keep you guys updated on this.

Only 50 Hurst Camaro will be produced each year and it comes with a custom Hurst gold car cover with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and signatures in the trunk from the Hurst Team.

Supercars Hurst Camaro
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