Friday, March 18, 2011

Supercars | Virage Supercars

TheVirage new Aston Martin Supercar looks pretty much the same as their other models, but this is the so called new Virage model, if you take a good look at the pictures you'd say "hey its the Aston Martin DB9, oh maybe not it looks sort of different but what? where did the change take place!?" well frustrate no more because we are going to point out the exterior changes made in this Virage, supercarsfirst off a newly different headlight, the new carbon front splitter, the new wings, the new sill treatment, the new rear diffuser and a new five-vane grille. Now you'd easily tell the difference between the DB9 and the New Virage, that is when it is parked steady, but when it blow pass by you.. well good luck with the confusion.

Everyone knows Aston Martin cars is all about the comfort, the luxury then the speed, this only proves 1 point that Aston Martin cars isn't about racing its about beauty and comfort and performance, so with a £150,000 this elegant GT Virage gives you a 6.0 liter V12 engine that produces a 490bhp that accelerates from 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds and gets a top speed of 186mph it comes with a Touchtronic 2 automatic transmission while a manual paddle shift is also there when your in the mood to groove, with the improvement made on the chassis the Virage became more smooth and sharper when clearing out corners the faster you get the sharper it becomes, it also has a sports mode feature that tightens up for an even better traction control the ride will become a little bit stiff though. The interiors are also remade and refined, and the new carbon ceramic brakes are also equipped.

Supercars Virage
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Supercars | FT86 Supercars

ForFT86 those who are a big fan of Toyota's sports coupe and its legendary rear wheel drive AE86, we have just the right news for you as we gave you the excitement of Toyota's new FT86 concept car the last time, this time the FT86 is nearly becoming a reality with a little bit of improvements made on its concept this one would be called the FT86 II, it will be launched side by side with its co developer Subaru with a race car version of its own.

WithSupercars Toyota's mind set on a race car version we expect this FT86 to be as exciting as their previous sports coupe such as the Celica and Supra, or better yet it might just become the second legendary drift car with Subaru's knowledge of a flat-cylinder engines combined with Toyota's expertise in a rear wheel drive platform this just might be possible.

The changes made on the FT86 II, the lower air intake is a bit taller and more sporty than before, its wheelarches looks tougher than it was, and the LED day running lights now runs with its arc down from the headlamps to its spoiler, we could say the the surfacing looks more like a designed made by Subaru. The FT86 II is a compact sports coupe and has a dimension of 4235mm length, 1795mm width and 1270 height, it will be equipped with a boxer engine most likely designed by Subaru and combined with a 6 speed manual transmission.

Toyobaru promises to show its final version of the FT86 in the 2012 showrooms. So we better watch out.

Supercars FT86
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