Monday, September 15, 2008

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The GPS Navigation are well known in most parts of the world. In Europe and USA this GPS Navigation system are already being used to find their way on the road. This is a perfect technology to make driving more comfortable and - of course - more safe. And of course an efficient route planning can help to save a lot of gasoline.GPS Navigation Also check GPS Trackers
GPS Navigation is growing in the market worldwide, there are a lot of portable gps systems there is this unit Garmin Portable Navigation Systems are available. and now this technology is also made ready to use in the Philippines, too. and can offer Personal GPS Navigation for everybody, who needs a reliable system for finding their way on Philippine Roads or in Metro Manila’s street jungle.
This GPS Navigation systems are preloaded with a detailed free map covering the whole Philippines.

Included in this GPS Navigation are also thousands of Points of Interest (Restaurants, Shopping, Fuel Stations, ATM’s etc)

This GPS Navigation come with a Street-Search function and do automatic Routing with Voice prompted Direction Commands. Just like what we see on TV

The neighbour countries, i.e. Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and some more are also already installed same as selected major countries of Europe. Some arabic states i.e. UAE, Saudia Arabia, Oman, Katar and Kuwait are included, too.(1) All other countries are GPS Navigationcovered by a preloaded worldwide basemap with country boarders, major cities and highways, rivers etc. in this GPS Navigation device.

In addition you can install optional SD-Cards with maps for visiting other locations in the world. Detailed maps for the US, Europe, South Africa and much much more countries are available as an option.

CAR-NAVI.PH is your Garmin authorised distributor for mobile car GPS navigation products in the Philippines.
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