Thursday, January 8, 2009

Acura SUV | MDX and RDX Acura SUV

This company usuallyAcura SUV puts factors of its technology on the road not off the road featuring Acura SUV, and because they believe SUV is a luxury car, so they designed its driving conditions to be like that, rather than a big foot monster truck, the only problem is Acura SUV's design exterior and interior if they wanted it to be a luxury car they should've designed it a bit better because their Acura SUV is going head to head against the top cars in the world like the BMW X series which is totally a statement when it comes to design.
Well yeah let's say it's true that Acura SUV can cruise like the wind on the roads, but in order to be a top class SUV they should've considered making a better design, because if they targeted luxury and luxury means beauty, comfort and safety, the amount is just a second class object here, so Acura SUV should've open up a higher price and produce a better designed Acura SUV combined with its driving technology making it a complete perfect SUV that can shake the knees of their matchup. But too bad they made it all wrong...
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