Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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NissanNissan Leaf hopes to save the world with its new invention the new Nissan Leaf, the name speaks for itself Leaf meaning green friendly, this car is non petrol or diesel it is solely powered by electric charge Li-ion battery, electric car of course does not have tailpipes which reduces air pollution, and for the battery disposal Nissan plans to make a project that will recycle and reuse old batteries, looks like they've had it all planned out for saving the world, Supercarsbut would it be enough to replace today's petrol powered car?

Although countries want to support the Nissan Leaf project prices still isn't that affordable first announced to be around £28,350 and after being granted by UK government it dropped to £23,350 still expensive compared to our present vehicles, performance wise, Nissan Leaf can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 11.5 seconds and produces a top speed of 90mph, it's not the fastest car in world but it's already enough for everyday practical use, and more to it the Leaf accelerates incredibly smooth and runs silently even more quiet than the luxury cars today the only noise you'll hear is the artificial sound made to warn pedestrian that the vehicle is approaching, Nissan Leaf is agile it can turn sharp turns easily, it also doesn't idle, so performance wise, this is a good car.

What about the distance traveled with one full charged battery? thanks to Nissan's joint venture with NEC creating a new lithium ion battery that could double the energy storage of the older Li-ion batteries which can make the Nissan Leaf last a 100 mile run which is clearly enough for us to reach a refilling station for a recharge, now here's where another problem kicks in, other than the price, the charging time would take 8 hours from an empty battery to a full charge, now how convenient is that?! it would take almost half a day to get a full charge unlike the petrol powered vehicles of today which you can get a full tank in less than 10 minutes, so it means that you can only use this Nissan Leaf every other day now that's totally uncool.

Hearing ambitious automakers creating new technologies that could save the world is totally awesome, but this Nissan Leaf only proves that this kind of technology still isn't perfect, and with the knowledge we have today showing it only speaks that we have many more years to wait for us to have the technology to replace petrol powered car.

Price: £23,350
Sale Date: 2011
Drive Type: FWD
Engine: 80 kW electric motor
Horsepower: 108bhp
Torque: 206 lb ft
Transmission: Single speed
Weight: 1500 kg
Size in mm: 4445/1770/1549

Supercars Nissan Leaf
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