Sunday, June 6, 2010

Supercars | Boxster Spyder Supercars

OnSupercars the semi supercars category there is no other car that enters peoples mind other than the Porsche Boxster, and we have to admit that this is totally a cool car but it ain't perfect yet, but as time goes by Porsche was able to make the perfect boxster and it is the 2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder, this is by far the best looking Boxster ever made this isn't just a facelift over their previous model, instead it's an all new 3rd edition in the Boxster lineup and as far as performance and power is concerned this Boxster Spyder is way beyond their previous models.

TheBoxster Spyder most noticeable changes made in this Porsche Boxster Spyder is the convertible top, finally they've decided to make it look tough with a light weight 2 piece that stretches over the top instead of their ridiculous traditional power top and the unique rear deck gives it an even more striking appearance, other changes are also made including a shorter side windows, unique lightweight 19-inch wheels, twin tailpipes painted black, and a fixed rear spoiler.

As for the Performance the best modification made for this Boxster Spyder was the light weight scheme, taking out 176 pounds, and equipping it with a stiffer shocks and shorter springs that lowers the ride by 20mm, Boxster Spyder also comes with an anti roll bars and a locking differential.

Porsche Boxster Spyder will be equip with the same but tuned direct injected 3.4 liter flat six engine that outputs a 320 horsepower @ 7200rpm and 273lb ft @ 4750rpm of torque combined with either a standard 6 speed manual transmission or the 7 speed PDK automated transmission that enables this car to rocket a 0 to 60mph in 4.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 166mph.

Porsche Boxster Spyder will be sold side by side with the 2010 Boxster and Boxster S starting February and they expect to sell 1500 units per year.

Supercars Boxster Spyder
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