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Ab Workout | 6 Pack Abs | Ab Excercise Workout

A firm, tight stomach is theab workout 6 pack
cornerstone of a well-built body.
Your abdominals are the center of
your body and, arguably, no other body
part better defines your overall condition.
So what’s the secret to getting great abs?
Ab workout
The answer is quite simple, there is
no secret. The only way to get great abs is
to follow a fitness training program that
includes cardio, proper nutrition and
supplementation, in addition to weight training. Of course, you have to train
your abs hard.
For a number of people, the abdominal
muscles are covered by a layer of fat. And
no matter how many crunches they do,
they won’t see those powerful muscles
until that unhealthy roll around the
midsection is gone and their bodyfat
percentage reaches the single digits for
men or the low teens for women. Then,
and only then, will they uncover those
muscles that they have worked so hard
to build.
All the fancy new ab workout equipment gadgets and
gizmos that promise the abs of your
dreams is not required, The reality is
that it couldn’t be easier. A flat surface, a
bench, or a pull-up bar are all the ab workout equipment you need.
Remember, to get the maximum
intensity from every workout, you
must focus on the contraction of
the abdominal muscles during each

1) Common Crunches
Nothing beats floor exercises Ab Workout for developing firm, muscular abs. All you
need is a little floor space. The key to this exercise, as with all ab exercises,
is to pull with your abdominal muscles and not with your shoulders or back.

Abdominal training
Don't lock your fingers behind your neck
and pull.This takes the focus off
the abs and also strains the neck.ab workout 6 packab workout 6 pack
Keep your hands on the sides of
your head, and keep your eyes on the sealing.

Ab workout
Position: Lie flat on your back with
your feet flat on the ground, or resting on a bench
with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. If you
are resting your feet on a bench, place them three
to four inches apart and point your toes inward so
that they touch. Place your hands lightly on either
side of your ears, keeping your elbows in.

Repetitions: Push the small of your back
down into the floor to isolate your ab muscles.
Begin to roll your shoulders up, keeping your
knees and hips stationary and contracting your
abs to lift your shoulders off the floor.Continue
to push down as hard as you can with your
lower back.Your shoulders should come up off
the floor only about four inches, and your lower
back should remain on the floor. Focus on slow,
controlled movement—don’t cheat yourself by
using momentum.

2) Crunches for Side Abs
This exercise will help you define the muscles on the side of your abdomen.

Abdominal training TIP
it's not the quantity, that counts. Remember to always maintain the correct posture, focus tension in your abs and focus on slow, controlled motion, to make it a perfect abs training
Ab workout
Position: Lie flat on your back with
your knees bent (placing your feet flat on the floor
or resting on a bench).Place your left hand over
your left ear.

Repetitions: Roll your upper body up to
the right until your left elbow touches your right
knee.Concentrate on tensing the sides of your
waist and holding the contraction throughout
the movement. Slowly lower to the starting
position.After completing a full set of reps on
the left side, switch to your right and follow
the same instructions.

3) Decline Crunch
This is a terrific exercise for developing the lower and middle abdominal muscles.
As the name implies, you’ll need a decline bench that allows you to hook your feet.

Abdominal training TIP
Make sure your back doesn't touch the bench as you go down. to make it a perfect abs training

Ab workout

Position: Position yourself on a
decline bench with your feet locked in.Your
upper body should be raised off the bench,
so you’ll have to contract your abs just to stay
in place.Place your hands on each side of your
head, over your ears.Don’t lock your fingers.

Repetition: Raise your upper body slowly
while you contract your abs.Crunch up until
your elbows are on either side of your thighs.
Hold and flex, then lower your body slowly
back to the starting position.When your
strength increases and you can do more
than 12 reps,hold a weight plate against
your chest and perform the exercise in the
same manner.

4) Declined Side Ab Crunches
Slightly more challenging than the side ab crunches on the floor, this exercise requires you
to maintain the contraction in your abs throughout each set.

Abdominal training TIP
You must focus on really twisting your torso and
feeling the contraction when you are in the
“up”position. , to make it a perfect abs training

Ab workout
Position: Position yourself on
a decline bench with your feet locked in.Your
upper body should be raised off the bench.
Cup your right hand over your right ear, and
place your left hand on your thigh.

Repetition: Raise your upper body slowly
while turning your torso to the left. Focus on
keeping your abs tight and keeping the
movement slow and controlled.Continue
crunching up until your right elbow touches
your left knee. Lower your body slowly back
down to the starting position.After completing
one set on the right, switch to your left side.

5) Hanging leg raise
This is a tough exercise that allows you to work both the lower abs and the serratus
muscles on the sides of your torso. Lift your knees straight up, and you hit the lower abs;
lift your knees to each side to target the serratus muscles.(Serratus muscles is a muscle that originates on the surface of the upper eight ribs at the side of the chest, you can also call it rib muscle)

Abdominal training TIP
during this exercise,your wrists may fail before your
abs do.Consider using elbow straps like the picture shown,which attach to
the bar, so you can take your abs to failure, to make it a perfect abs training

Abdominal training
train your Serratus muscles on the sides of your torso by lifting your knees to
each side.

Ab workout
Position: Grab a pull-bar with
your palms facing forward, with a grip a little
wider than shoulder-width apart. (Alternatively,
you may use elbow straps that hang from the bar.)
You should be hanging with your feet off the
ground to start this exercise.

Repetition: Slowly lift your knees and bring
them toward your chest.Concentrate on flexing
your abs as hard as you can.Hold, then slowly
lower your legs back to the starting position.
Perform the entire exercise slowly to avoid
“cheating”by swinging your legs up and using
your momentum.

6) Incline crunches
This is a great exercise for the lower abs. As with all ab exercises, keep the movement
slow. Excess momentum can cause you to lose proper form and may lead to lower
back injury.

Abdominal training TIP
Do not arch your back, this can lead to lower back injury. To make it a perfect abs training.

Abdominal training
Exhale when you crunch, so your rib cage will drop and allow for a
more complete motion.

Ab workout
Position: Lie on your back on a
decline bench, holding onto the top of the bench.
Don’t let your body slip downward because this
will stress your shoulders.Hold your legs parallel
to the floor. Keep your knees and your feet
together to reduce unnecessary motion.

Repetition: Slowly contract your
abdominals, focusing on bringing your pelvis
up and in toward your rib cage as you bend
your knees up to your chest. Let your abs do the
work. Lower your pelvis to the starting position,
maintaining constant tension in your abs.

This Ab Workout are made in order to achieve a firm and tight abdominal muscles, but in order to flatten your stomach you should always do a cardio exercise like treadmill workout, also a healthy diet is very important, I know it is very hard to achieve a healthy diet, that's why there is always other options like taking supplements fat burners and other stuff, L-carnitine is a useful component, consult your doctors on which supplement that best suites you.
Abs Training

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