Monday, September 1, 2008

GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker
This is probably the smallest GPS tracking systems unit, no monthly fees needed, just plant it anywhere you know the suspect would usually bring, plant this GPS tracker in his/her car bags and stuff, it will automatically record where the suspects been it's time span to how long he/she visits the place, all you have to do is plant the device and retrieve it later for you to download the results. Very useful indeed.

How this GPS tracking unit works? this GPS Trackers detects its own location, temperature, time, date, speed, heading and altitude at preset intervals. With 4MB of Memory, it stores months of travel information.

There are 2 types of GPS tracking systems this unit is a data logger unit, so it logs details for you to retrieve it later, there is the other type of unit which is the real time GPS tracker this is the type on which you can track where the suspect is presently, but I don't know if it is useable here in the Philippines because you will have to pay monthly fees to be able to use the real time GPS tracker.
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