Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NBA 2K9 | Release Dates

This game takes everything positive from last year's game and adds a whole lot more. NBA 2K9, if you want to buy PS3 games one of the games you should buy is a basketball games you know why? because you can play it again and again there's no finish line, only until they NBA 2K9release the new version should you stop, so it last longer than any other type of games, and when you're looking for basketball games I don't think you'll want to miss this, it might be one of the top games or top basketball games of this time, NBA 2K9 screen shots shown.
While the Players in NBA 2K9 are still not on par with those in last year's NBA Live 08 games, they do appear more lifelike than NBA 2K8's players. Players will now scowl after a disagreeable call and nod their heads tauntingly on opportunities. There may be additional emotions that come out There is a thin layer of sweat on everyone's forehead in NBA 2K9 depends on players exertion that appears too glossy to be lifelike, but this may still be one of the things 2K is fixing.
Basketball fans appear more dynamic in NBA 2K9. They react to events in the games, and it's difficult to spot any repeat fans at a quick glance. the cool part is after each games you will see highlight reel of the biggest layups, dunks, and rejections from the games. These replays are shown in different camera angles, similar to TNT NBA broadcast, it makes you feel like a life like post games replay. New animations have been added to various basketball moves compare to 2k8.
NBA 2k9 added signature moves for defensive players they added unique defensive animations to players like Bruce Bowen, Shane Battier, Ron artest, Kevin Garnett, Marcus Camby.NBA 2K9
Shooting techniques remains the same as the 2k8 they modified it a bit by adding changing shots in mid air directing the shots in different direction using the control stick to avoid getting blocked.
Also in NBA 2K9 they took off the "lock on defense" instead they place a new adjustable lock-on feature that simply directs your defender three to four feet in from of the ball handler.
all of the games mode from NBA 2K8 return in this year's games. While the blacktop and dunk contests are similar to last year's modes, NBA 2K9's franchise mode has been improved a bit.
They also added a new trading AI, you can make trades involving more than three basketball players/picks per team are now but they are still working on it.
NBA 2K9 rumors that from the looks 2K might be planning to add a 5 on 5 online play base on some off ball controls, basketball player without the ball can hold and grab his opponent, make fake first step they can also set picks and draw charges those things seem as though they will be important to online play. NBA 2K9 provides you with a better view of what your player sees, each player will play with a unique camera angle that will dynamically reposition itself to follow the action. off course you can adjust the camera view if you don't like it.
One more point on online games is NBA 2k9 also added a grading system that will let you grade each of your teammates, this allows you to flag teammates who never passes the ball, puts up wild shots or doesn't play defense. what are those for if they weren't going to make it an online 5 on 5 games right.
you can also share rosters, sliders, franchises and created players to your friends online. NBA 2K9 has nothing but improvements to last years successful 2K8 so I expect this games to have a great success this year but they definitely should add the 5 on 5 online games in order to have a more pleasurable experience.

Release Date: October 7, 2008
Platform: PS3 game console
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