Saturday, April 17, 2010

Supercars | Audi R4 Supercars

NowAudi R4 here's a match made in heaven I guess, Porsche and Audi plans to join force to develop the Audi R4 and the next generation Boxster and Cayman which is the entry level sports coupe and roadster of both automaker this more likely an exchange knowledge for both parties.

supercarsIn the near future Audi plans to make a level of R supercars, which would be the R10 super coupe, the next gen R8 and an R6 that would stand between the 911 and Boxster, lastly the Audi R4 which is the entry level of Audi's sports car that is a 2 seater mid engine.

Both parties will get the juice from each other more likely Porsche will be happy to get their hands on to gain the knowledge of Audi's great aluminum space frame with a powerful diesel engine, plus a lightweight low friction 4 wheel drive with torque vectoring and dual-clutch transmissions for almost all torque classes. While on the other hand Audi would be very glad to know Porsche's secret financial ability that constantly puts them on top of the profit margin.

But as far as the appearance is concern, we are definitely sure that we won't be seeing any identical twin rolling around one another, with the information given so far, we know Boxster would be lighter the Audi R4 and besides, both automakers believes in their own design and non of them would give into the others design. So we expect them to be up head against head on this.

Audi R4 Supercars
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