Saturday, November 20, 2010

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AsPorsche Cayman we all know there are 2 models of Cayman the base and the S model which is the more powerful one. But as of today the S model will be in the middle in terms of power because of this new Porsche Cayman R, this unit is what I call a desperate upgrade, the desperate for speed, and as a result the Porsche Cayman R was crowned to be the most powerful version of the 3 since it is the only version powerful enough to keep up with the 911.

SoSupercars how powerful is the Porsche Cayman R? compared to the S version the R has a 325 horsepower which is 10 horses more than the S version, though the torque remains unchanged at 272lb ft. more importantly is the weight reduction which is the main factor of its improved performance. The Porsche Cayman R is 55kgs lighter than the S. Details on the weight reduction includes the Carbon fiber bucket seats, the aluminum doors from the GT3 and the 19" lightest set of Porsche alloyed wheels, aside from the good reductions here are the desperate moves made to reduce its weight which is by equipping a smaller fuel tank and stripping the interior, this Porsche Cayman R is almost as bare as a car can get, it comes with no radio and no air-con, the most common features needed for an everyday car.

The extra bodywork made on this Porsche Cayman R is pretty neat though, with the new front lip spoiler and a fixed rear wing that could give an extra downforce reducing the lift on both axles, as a result, Porsche Cayman R sprints from 0 to 62mph in 5 seconds, 0.4 seconds faster than the S version, and when equipped with an optional PDK gearbox the numbers would drop to 4.7 seconds.

The Porsche Cayman R would cost around £51,731 with a standard equipped limited slip differential and a 20mm lower sports suspension while the ceramic brakes are on the option list.

Porsche Cayman is one of the brightest option to choose from when we speak of a supercar, because of its price which is still in range, and aside from the price the appearance of a Cayman is way better than a Boxster, actually it looks even better than a non-turbo 911 because of the sportier look it possess, but these only goes for the 2 versions, I think the R version even as cool as it looks, is foolish to own because it's not made to be an everyday car, but rather made to race and if you're up to racing why would you choose this Porsche Cayman R that comes with an uncomfortable ride and can't even beat the base model of the 911? do you get what I mean? from my point of view I think this version is a mistake.

Supercars Porsche Cayman R
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