Sunday, April 5, 2009

Exotic Car | 2009 Porsche GT1 Exotic Car

Unlikeexotic car the Ferrari who doesn't look up to Veyron's number to beat, their rival Porsche has something different in their minds, they've designed the new Exotic Car Porsche GT1, which they considered it to be a Veyron Killer. Now the question is can it really kill the Veyron? well judging by the details of this exotic car given by Porsche right now... all I can say is "not quite yet"
The 2009 Porsche GT1 is designed wisely by Porsche, making it a light weight exotic car is one of its tactics to beat Veyron, Porsche GT1 will be weighing just 1380kg, it will use the same chassis as the Porsche Carrera GT and this exotic car will have a solid roof unlike the Carrera GT, Porsche GT1 will have a new engine installed that can produce a horsepower of 950 just 50 horses lower than Veyron, but because this car weighs lighter than the Veyron, Porsche GT1's top speed is expected to be around 254 mph, 2 mph faster than the Veyron's 252 mph.
Other details about this exotic car would be that its drive type is an All Wheel drive and it is expected to accelerate much faster than the Veyron, I guess that's the one detail we are waiting for, before we could consider this exotic car 2009 Porsche GT1 a Veyron Killer. While in terms of design Porsche GT1 will look much sportier than the Veyron which looks a bit more of a luxury sports car, but this doesn't mean Porsche has the edge over this.
Porsche GT1 Exotic Car
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Anonymous said...

Other details about this exotic car would be that its drive type is an All Wheel drive just like the Carrera GTumm, the Carrera GT is RWD

Starplayer said...

My Mistake Thanks.

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