Monday, November 15, 2010

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Thisr8 gt is Audi's new improve -ment of their popular R8, almost every successful supercars has its upgraded versions and this one is R8's and it will be called the Audi R8 GT, which is the fastest R8 version of today, and it is the one suitable version that could take on supercars such as the GT3 RS, M3 GTS and their very own Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera.

Althoughsupercars the Audi R8 GT managed to equip a 5.2 liter V10 engine the same engine as the base model of Gallardo with the both of them producing an equal 552 bhp @ 8000rpm and 398 lb ft @ 6500rpm of torque but still Gallardo has the upper hand in terms of acceleration and speed for this R8 GT is a lot heavier weighing 1525kgs lighter than its previous versions but 95kgs more than the Gallardo so as a result the R8 GT sprints from 0 to 62mph in 3.6 seconds over Gallardo's 3.4, even with the power of a 4 wheel drive and the R-tronic tranny (the only option available for R8 GT) is still a bit slower but will hardly be noticed. So you ask why would Audi make an incomplete upgrade version they should have lessen its weight even more, the answer is simple Audi wants to get the best of both worlds in this GT, which they manage to combine speed and convenience of an everyday car in one.

So how did they lighten up Audi R8 GT? first of, a thinner glass, a thinner exhaust, carbon body panels, a magnesium engine subframe, the shaved carpet and a new manual seat(alone reduces 31.5kgs) so all in all the GT version is 100kgs lighter than its previous version. Other additional modifications made includes the two huge tailpipes, a carbon rear wing, a carbon winglets on the nose and the nice set of 19 inch wheels. Optional equipments could be added such as the roll bar, four point harnesses, a fire extinguisher and a battery cut out switch. And inside this car is a Alcantara steering wheel with a sat-nav and air-conditioning still as elegant as ever.

So overall the Audi R8 GT wouldn't look much of a difference over a regular R8 V10 version and that's whats great because they didn't have to change because the ultima design is already made and the modification would only be noticeable when you drove pass a corner with a better control and keener sense to stop, steer and go all thanks to the weight reduction and revised suspension.

Supercars R8 GT
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