Thursday, October 25, 2012

Air Gage | Air Gage Systems

In a case where you need to measure a much sensitive tolerance, in which is beyond a mechanical gage’s scope, Air Gages just might be the right tool to use.  An Air gage is an instrument used in a fast productive environment that needs an accurate and more sensitive case of measurements, and the key is the use of pneumatic pressure. Air Gages is often used to measure dimensions such as internal diameters, outer diameters, the depth, bore, taper roundness and thickness of an object, combined with either a dial display or an electronic digital display as its indicator.

A Dial display uses a needle or a pin pointer with a reference point of zero fixed in a graduated disc, that revolves around it indicating the accurate measurement of an object. While an Electronic Digital display is often used by air gages with data output capabilities, it displays either numerical or alphanumerical data’s, usually more accurate than a dial display.

Air plugs, Air rings, Air probes and Air gaging system are the several different types of Air Gages Some gages are portable handheld type, and there are also large, complex units in bench-top or floor-mounted configurations, which often comes with modified components such as a holder, in any case no special training or techniques are needed to use an air gage which makes this even better, it is as simple as 1 2 3, inserting an air plug in a hole, process then read the display, and that’s it.

An additional benefit of an air gage is the small gage head, that allows it to make measurements while it is still in the machine fixture with the air still running, it also cleans up the area from oil, dirt and chips.
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