Friday, November 26, 2010

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Soporsche gts what is the Porsche GTS Carrera? aside from being just another upgraded Porsche 911, the GTS might actually be the best all around 911 model, it comes with some engine upgrades to boost its power while taking the better and wider body from the 4 wheel drive models (the best looking models) it takes all the best and leaves the standard Carrera S with almost no edge except for being a bit cheaper.

Porsche GTSsupercars is available either in a Coupe or a Cabriolet version, but we personally prefer this on the hard top coupe version because this is where you'll feel the real upgrade take place, we still haven't figured out why but the GTS on the Cabriolet version performs somewhat the same as a standard Carrera S even thought the numbers clearly shows the improvement but it's pretty hard to notice when your on the wheels you just can't feel the upgrades made for the Cabriolet.

So what are the upgrades made on the Porsche GTS?, it comes with the Powerkit pack which is an option on the a standard Carrera S while a special intake manifold, with 6 single flaps that switches between power and torque optimised maps, that enables the 3.8 liter flat six engine to produce a 402bhp @ 7300rpm over the regular 380bhp@6500rpm but the torque remains the same 310lb ft. On the performing end this Porsche GTS sprints from 0 to 62mph in 4.6 seconds for the Coupe and 4.7 seconds for the Cabriolet just a tenth better than a regular S model. There are other options to better improve the performance such as the PDK, Sports Chrono Plus pack with launch control that can help cut 0.2+ seconds off the time.

Other modifications made on the Porsche GTS includes a wider rear body just like the Porsche Carrera 4, its equipped with a broken size tire (rear tires are wider), there's also the SportDesign nose with a little black spoiler, black sills from the GT2 RS, a revised springs and the anti-roll bars, more importantly the black-painted 19 inch wheels. Porsche GTS is 5 kgs lighter by removing the rear seats, Porsche's adaptive PASM suspension, the sports exhaust and a bigger fuel tank are also a free option.

It would have been even better if Porsche Equip some of the light weight equipment to make this GTS perform even better but all in all this Porsche GTS is a good car.

Price: £76,758
On Sale: December 2010 (GTS coupe) in UK
Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: 3.8 liter 24v flat six
Horsepower: 402bhp @ 7300rpm
Torque: 310lb ft @ 4200-5600rpm
Transmission: 6 speed manual
Acceleration 0 to 62mph: 4.6sec
Top Speed: 190mph
Efficiency: 26.6mpg
Emmission: 250g/km CO2

Supercars Porsche GTS
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