Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drift | How to Drift

Indrift motor sports today drifting has been popular, a lot of people find it amusing I myself did, so what exactly is drifting (drift)? Drifting is a modern driving technique where the driver intentionally over steers the car causing it to lose its traction in the rear wheel while entering corners at high speed, it looks more like letting the car slide but the slide being controlled by the driver, it's an amazing technique yet very dangerous and destructive to the vehicle performing this.

How to Drift

supercars1) First things first you'll need a car preferably a rear wheel drive with LSD make sure to tune it for drifting
2) The transmission of the car is preferably manual for automatic transmission is bit a harder to perform a drift but not impossible
3) Just an advice find the type of car that has a lot of cheap spare parts for sale in the market because you'll need to change parts if you do this technique
4) You need a wide open area to do the drift
5) You'll need a lot of spare tires of course.

Heres how to start your drift

Handbreak technique is the easiest and most common way to start drifting, All beginners will have to familiarize this first before doing some more advance drifting, you should first get use to sliding the car until your not scared.

Do the 180 Degrees Turn
Plant a plastic cone in the middle of an empty lot this lot should be wide and roomy, now drive up to the cone and pull the handbrake while attempting to do a 180 turn. Practice this left and right steer.

Then do the 90 Degrees Turn
This technique is almost the same as the 180 turn but it requires you to control how hard you pull the handbreak.

Then 360 Degrees Turn
Now, this is a combination of accelerating and handbrake control together. You start the same way you are going to do a 180. Once your car starts to drift, you need to tap your gas pedal to give a little more spin to your rear tires in order to achieve a longer drift, but pushing too much gas will cause your car to over steer, and a little too less will stop the drift so you need to watch out and be somewhere in the middle it's all trial and error state until you find the right mode, practice clockwise and counter clockwise.

After mastering these techniques then you'll be certain that you can move to the next level of drifting.

Supercar drift
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