Thursday, July 9, 2009

Car | Alfa Romeo Mito GTA Car

Thissupercars is a great concept car that is yet to be release in mid 2009, the new 2010 Alfa Romeo Mito GTA, this is 3 door hatchback that was made to join in the market with the popular Mini Cooper which more likely will give the Cooper a hard time, from their previous model of Alfa Romeo Mito which was only powered with a 1.4 liter engine, this new model GTA will be powered by a turbocharged 1.7 liter engine, which they were able to squeeze out a powerful 240 horsepower, impressive judging by the numbers yet we still don't know the acceleration speed as of now, but with this given numbers we have right now, our prediction is that this Alfa Romeo Mito GTA will definitley be Alfa's main focus when it is released.

alfa romeo mito gtaThe stylish design of this car is obviously inspired by the 8C Competizione, from its front grill to its fender vents, its rear on the other hand is equipped with a unique large twin tailpipes that makes it look more sportier, other modifications made in this new Alfa Romeo Mito GTA other than its design is the new active suspensions, the D.N.A. and the light weight scheming technique which was always use to max out the true potential of a car.

The Active suspension of the Alfa Romeo Mito GTA features a real time adjustment of shock valving which helps prevent body rolls, and about the D.N.A. system Alfa GTA gives you an option to choose from either sports, normal or an all weather mode of adjustments, which the car auto adjusts the steering, traction control and stability in which it fits the situation.

About the Light Weight Scheme of the Alfa Romeo Mito GTA, has the same method as the other car companies did, which was making use of a lot of carbon fibers such as its tailgate spoiler, roof and door mirrors, and as for its chassis, suspensions and brakes are all made of Aluminum, which effectively cuts down the weight, and with this scheme combined with the newly improved engine, the 1742 cc of displacement was able to achieve a 240 horsepower.
Alfa Romeo Mito GTA supercars car
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jack said...

These car models so awesome i wish i have it

JC said...

I want one so much! Alfa need to set a release date soon. I can't bring myself to plunge for the 155bhp 1.4 when this is just around the corner..

masini said...

I love this car. I have the money but i can t find one.

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