Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eeebox | Asus Eeebox | Eees

A desktop computer called Eeebox can spice up your environment, Asus Eeebox helps conserve working space Eeeboxwith its sleek and compact design.
This Eees model is powered by Intel Atom "net-top" meaning an internet focused PC, Eeebox comes with innovative Express Gate fast boot technology that allows you to access internet, manage pictures or communicate IM or Skype in approximately 7 seconds after boot up. The heat disspation module technology keeps the EeeBox cool and quiet.
Asus Eeebox one of the Eees, is made with environment friendly materials, it comes with 80GB of hard disk space, 1GB RAM, a card reader, and Wi-Fi 802.11n wireless standard connectivity.
Approximate Price of Eeebox: P17,900/ P24,900 (with LCD) Read More
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